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Continental Pet Company

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We are a small company born from two friends and a late night conversation on FB. We wanted to see good quality shears with some fun designs, that groomers of all level would like, and could afford. We figured out in order to get this product out to the groomers at a low price, we had to control all aspects of the manufacturing. Continental shears are our designs and our ideas, with input from you! We welcome all ideas and feedback from our grooming friends and customers, as what you would like to see us make or carry. Our stock is evolving constantly with new stock arriving weekly. We can't wait to share our ideas with you. Thank you for checking us out!

Our Staff

CPC is small family run business. When we go grooming shows we are so lucky to have grooming friends from all over help us in our booths. We have made so many wonderful friends in this great industry. We love to include them in our business whenever possible by listening to their ideas, as staff at our shows, product testers, sounding boards and support. CPC would not be without this amazing grooming community.

Our Distributors

You can now find our products being sold all over North America. If you would like to become a retailer, please use the "contact us" feature and we will get back to you shortly!

Why Us?

Because we are groomers like you!