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Loop Dawgy Dawg


Loop Dawgy Dawg is a multiuse grooming arm accessory that gives you that third arm you dream of when you need it! It stays put when you want it to, but moves easily up and down the grooming arm with a little push to adjust for different size dogs or for all it’s other uses. The Loop Dawgy Dawg attaches easily to our biothane loops or can be used with any standard grooming loop or collar on the market. It easily gives you that extra little much help controlling an overly opinionated dog that perhaps doesn’t like their nails trimmed or tail combed. It can allow you to add an extra grooming loop onto your grooming arm or can restrain a dog with loop phobia. It’s perfect for using with a belly strap to help the senior dogs stand or you can use it to hang your clipper off your grooming arm so they don’t get knocked off the table. A dog that can’t be kennelled and gets into mischief roaming free can clip onto the Loop dawg on your grooming arm. The Loop Dawg and adapter can be used together or separately, depending on what you need it to do, so many options! The kit includes Dawg, Adapter, Key Ring, Carabineer and Instruction Sheet.

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